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Developing a Worldview: The account of the young Jesus at the temple shows us Jesus' growing awareness of who he was, and his growing understanding of how imperfect human beings operated. We can fine tune our worldview, as we watch Jesus develop his.
Fulfilling the Law: Minding the Details — Jesus filled the law perfectly, even as an infant. God had provided parents who would mind the details for their child. As they did, God revealed his purposes more fully. In the same way, when we mind the details, God reveals his purposes more fully to us.
The Light Dawns: The eyes of faith had long sought the baby born in Bethlehem. He arrived with humility and fanfare, to change everything.
When the First Light of Dawn Appears: When John the Baptist is born, Zechariah outlines Jesus, and John's future role. In so doing, he reminds us of our job description, and what we can look forward to in the days ahead.
God Exalts the Humble: When Mary and Elizabeth respond to what God has done in their lives, they sing songs that emphasize God's pleasure in exalting those who do not have high status. This message reminds us that God will use us in spite of our station in life, as long as we are willing to become what God desires.
When God Invades Our Space: While we tend to romanticize those times God has made his presence known in our time and space, this story of the angel's announcement of the birth of Messiah to Mary, is far from romantic. It encapsulates the human element at its core. This message will remind you the gritty nature of things when God invades our space.
Removing the Disgrace: We can forget that God often allows his choice servants to grow into their calling while bearing disgrace. Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, and Moses, all endured disgrace as they were prepared for their calling. At a certain point, God removes the disgrace.
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